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Manhattan band Rehearsal Studio. Play Studios NYC. — New York

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Play Studios is a
midtown Manhattan rehearsal studio for live music rehearsal, specializing in bands of all kinds.

Why Play Studios For Your Rehearsal?

  • Built for musicians. From the second you walk in, the buildout was meant to make you feel like you're no longer in a space that used to be a midtown office. Every last piece was knocked down to build our Manhattan Rehearsal Studio, as it was valued & important to us that the lounge not appear to be right out of a dentist's office.

  • Air conditioned rooms. This should be a given for every studio but anyone who's played around NYC knows otherwise. There's no shortage of rooms that are barely ventilated enough to keep gear from frying, much less keep a band comfortable. At Play Rehearsal Studios NYC, all rooms are cooled before you arrive, and stay cool until you leave, courtesy of a powerful Ramson air conditioner running on a dedicated 230 volt line.

  • Working gear. Our gear list isn't a wish list. It all actually works and is ready to be played, from the Marshall JCM series(800, 900, 1000), to the Fender Twin to the Bugera boutique amps & Carvin bass rigs, it all works.

  • Proper scheduling - no waiting or being kicked out early. Most facilities with busy rehearsal rooms will schedule three rehearsals from 7-10, 10-1, and 1-4. One after the other. At Play Rehearsal Studios New York, scheduling is done with time inbetween so you get in when it's your time and don't have to leave until your time is up.

  • Around the clock and next to all major trains. At 247 west 30th st on the fifth floor, we stay open for you. Call to book anytime, someone will be here to accommodate your rehearsal. We're located 3 blocks from Penn Station with the A, C, E, 1, 2, & 3 around the corner and the N, Q, R, W, B, D, F & V a few blocks away. This is the obvious location for bands with members meeting from all corners of the city.