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★ NEW LAUNCH ★ Powerful SEO service - WIKI powerlinking 625 natural authority links — New York

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Launch of first ever unique WIKI link building strategy that will propel you to the top of the serps! Do you want to dominate your keyword in every single Search Engine? Do you want to beat your competitors and stay ahead of them forever until the end of time? At the same time are you annoyed by so called "SEO-experts" promising you the world but simply achieving nothing?

... Don't worry, you are not alone. We keep hearing the same fears and frustrations from a lot of customers who seek remedy to their SEO campaigns.

What is Google about nowadays? Natural and relevant link building from unique websites with unique content. Web 1.0 techniques like directory submissions and mass article submission no longer work. Instead Google's algorithms will mark your website as spam and get you lose it's valuable rankings you have worked so hard to achieve. Farewell online business! Do you prefer ranking or getting deranked?

So we made ourselves some nice WIKI powerlinking strategy that will get you ranked and on top of the serps!

Our service is powerful and yet natural and unique
Wait, isn't that a contradiction? No, it isn't. We developed our service to be natural and human-made. When we think of content then Wikipedia pops into all our minds. Wikis are the content pages of nowadays and the future. They are:

* human made, written by people who contribute to the web
* researched and written by niche-experts
* 100% social as everyone can contribute and can discuss
* Non saturated with links from seo-companies and individuals means more value
* This service is unique in it's kind and NOT offered anywhere

Links are both authority and powerful
Wiki links are highly valued By Google because of the Human Edited and moderation value - much like DMOZ links are one of the most valued links.

Thus Wiki sites have high trust rank and authority and we have selected the very best of those sites to place valuable in-depth content on that explores the questions people wonder about in your niche.

Your natural process of building a WIKI link empire
We will Create 25 WIKI pages on several high profile authority WIKI farms which have a Great strength to increase your serps dramatically! and build links for them on top!
If you want to rank number 1 you will need this, backed up with quality content, reliable service and an SEO strategy that places you on top!

Don't be confused with other linkbuilding packages these links are all Editorial they are seen by google as passing the highest TRUST RANK your site can possibly get!
We make web pages on these sites with high quality.

Again, they are All authority WIKI type sites meaning will pass even more linkvalue then any other seo strategy around

Needless to say of all the linkbuilding services around and all the type of links chances are 9/10 you haven't got these type of HIGH VALUED WIKI TYPE links yet and up till now we have kept this secret weapon for ourselves and our personal clients..

Now You can also benefit from this unique linkbuilding method that places trust ranked sites, in-content High valued WIKI links in your arsenal to make your site rank in ways you dare not have thought! So get in now or be left simply far behind.

We will edit permissions so only you can edit those wikis
Any wiki removed in 30 days will be replaced free of charge
The top selected Web 2.0 authority WIKI sites

1. wikia.com
2. on-wiki.net
3. seedwiki.com
4. wikispaces.com
5. wikihost.org
6. editthis.info
7. mediawiki.org
8. openwiki.com
9. atwiki.com
10. grou.ps
11. intodit.com
12. netcipia.net
13. picowiki.com
14. referata.com
15. wiki-wiki.ru
16. myfreewiki.net
17. wikispot.org
18. wikidot.com
19. meta.yourwiki.net
20. wikyblog.com
21. wiki-site.com
22. communitywiki.org/odd
23. intodit.com
24. bluwiki.com
25. referata.com

Selection criteria we used to select the WIKI sites:
Inbound links, .gov and .edu inbound links, domain age, pagerank, Pages in Google index, Pages in Yahoo index, domain expiration date, Alexa, If the site is Dmoz listed

Optional: We will then use scribd.com to upload all your articles we have made on these sites and provide extra linking power to them and your site.

- Total of a 625 in-content - editorial and relevant high powered links!
- We will make use of relevant Images and video to spice up your pages!
- 200-300 word articles on each WIKI farm = total 25 100% unique articles!
- 2-5 links on each to your website and money making pages=total 125 High value in-content WIKI TYPE Editorial LINKS!
- Each page will be bookmarked to up to 20 social bookmark sites to get them indexed instantly=500 links total! And provide even more link strength to your site!
- Free Keyword research for any buyer to get the most out of this package.
- 25 Accounts on high quality - search engine ranking boosting Authority WIKI Content Properties
-Completed in Less then 5 days sharp or a full refund
-Full detailed report given

Price: Only 449usd for a limited period
payment methods: paypal,
  • New York, New York, United States