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Your Values Are Important ! — New York

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With this position you are not only benefiting yourself, you are helping other people take control of their lives as well. We are environmentally conscious and are committed to green practices. We have come to the realization that in order to live a full and complete life our family life must be embraced and enriched not ignored. We believe that the amount of work we do should definitely be reflected in our paycheck. We are a group of people who know that our personal values are important and that work should be enjoyable and rewarding. This is not only a career but also a lifestyle. 
Are you out-going, do you have a good attitude? Are you helpful courteous? Do you have good phone,data-entry,paper work, organizational skills. Are you a team player,are you environmentally conscious? I am looking for someone to look forward to work, not looking forward to the end of the work week ! Interested , please go to www.HappyEarthHappyMom.Com click on Contact Us Now! Type in your contact information and I will get right back to you!
  • New York, New York, United States
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